Labour Law between Change and Tradition

Roger Blanpain, Frank Hendrickx, Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, aprilie 2011

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business Labour Law between Change and Tradition
ISBN / ISSN: 9041134247
Număr / Ediţie: 2011
Număr pagini: 224
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On the occasion of the official ‘retirement’ of the eminent labour law scholar Antoine Jacobs, a number of his colleagues – themselves well-respected in the field of labour law and industrial relations – have assembled this volume of essays to manifest the breadth and variety of this great professor’s work. The authors pay particular attention to the tension, always present in Jacobs’s critical research, of traditional values with an acute awareness of emerging realities. He approached labour law, not merely as a series of static issues concerning workers and employers, but as an evolving discipline that persistently challenged its socio-political context. Among the wide range of issues considered in this collection – all of them prominent in Jacobs’s work – are the following:

• the right to work;
• the right to strike versus the freedom to strike;
• the role of the European Union in national labour law;
• transnational collective bargaining;
• social security issues;
• labour law and the social teaching of churches;
• bankruptcy;
• ‘atypical’ work;
• temporary agency work;
• discrimination on the basis of age;
• corporate social responsibility;
• European labour law after the Lisbon Treaty;
• the historical formation of the labour contract;
• labour law after the current economic situation; and
• damages and industrial action.

The authors provide detailed analyses and descriptions of trends in these and other matters central to the law of labour and industrial relations, even as they discover (or rediscover) underlying principles that bear witness to the vitality of their field in a rapidly ‘globalizing’ world. Practitioners, academics, regulators, and policymakers will all find rich material here.

Notes on Contributors
Chapter 1 Discrimination on the Basis of Age Roger Blanpain
Chapter 2 The Reform of Temporary Agency Work in Germany in a European Perspective Thomas Blanke
Chapter 3 Lex Laval : Collective Actions and Posted Work in Sweden Niklas Bruun & Jonas Malmberg
Chapter 4 The Specificity of Sport and the Employment Relationship of Athletes Michele Colucci
Chapter 5
Corporate Social Responsibility: A Way to Make Deregulation More Acceptable? Wolfgang Däubler
Chapter 6 Industrial Relations and Collective Labour Law in Papal Encyclicals: The Case of the Social Teaching of the Holy Roman Catholic Church Filip Dorssemont
Chapter 7 European Labour Law after the Lisbon Treaty: (Re-visited) Assessment of Fundamental Social Rights Frank Hendrickx
Chapter 8
Laws Against Strikes: Between Change and Tradition Bob Hepple
Chapter 9 Hybrid Global Labour Law Ulrich Mückenberger
Chapter 10 The Formation of the Labour Contract in Nineteenth-Century South of Europe Antonio Ojeda-Avilés Chapter 11 Ein Europäisches Feiertagsrecht? Thilo Ramm
Chapter 12 Legal Certainty and Equality as Aims of Labour Law Robert Rebhah
Chapter 13 Lisbon Treaty and Labour Law: New Developments but Old Traditions Bruno Veneziani
Chapter 14 The German Law Association as Promoter of Labour Law Manfred Weiss
Chapter 15 Self-employed in the Netherlands: In Need for More Securities? Sonja Bekker, Ronald Dekker & Max Posthumus